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These web pages contain a photo essay of events involving
Company C, 1/16th Mechanized Infantry, 1st Infantry Division (Bandido Charlie) during 1968 and 1969.
During this period, Company C operated throughout the operational area of the 1st Infantry Division in provinces north of Saigon. This area was from south of the base camp at Lai Khe, north to Loch Ninh and Quon Loi, the Iron Triangle area west of Lai Khe, and east to the 1st Air Cav base camp at Phuoc Vinh. Gary Martens was squad leader in the first platoon of Company C, from October 1968 to October 1969.

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children of AnDien
The children of Andien just west of Ben Cat, the neighboring village of Long Cau, and other villages.
village of Ben Cat
Towns and villages in the operational area of the 1st Infantry Division.
FSB Huertgen and other support bases
Bandido Charlie at Fire Support Base Huertgen in the Iron Triangle, and other NDP's and Fire Support Bases around Lai Khe.
highway 13 going north/south from Lai Khe
Highway 13 - Thunder Road, from Saigon through Lai Khe to An Loc and Loc Ninh. The highway to the 1st Air Cav base camp at Phuoc Vinh.
Lai Khe, 1st Infantry Division
Lai Khe - 1st Infantry Division headquarters and primary base camp of the Big Red One.
pacification in Long Cau

A pacification program at
Long Cau, a small village just north of Ben Cat, and other villages in Song Be province.

military operations in Michelin planation and Iron Triangle
Military operations called reconnaissance in force, search and destroy, ambush patrols, etc., conducted by Bandido Charlie
maps of Vietnam, BenCat area, Iron Triangle
Maps of the 1st Infantry Division areas of operation, and money used by the US military in Vietnam.
aircraft operating in Vietnam
Military aircraft in action in Vietnam.
1/16th HQ building
List of veterans of Bandido Charlie from 1966 through 1970.
lai Khe bunker
Links to web sites related to Bandido Charlie, the 1st Infantry Division, Vietnam and the Vietnam War.
Minolta camera
My picture taking experience in Vietnam.
national cemetery
In Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives in the Republic of Vietnam - a list of Bandido Charlie veterans give their lives in service to their country.
guest book
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Bandido Charlie operations in 1968 and 1969
A chronological listing of operations of Bandido Charlie, Company C, 1/16th.
Photos from the First Infantry Division reunions and the Bandido Charlie Association reunions.

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